What is the Feedback from Clients?


I have to say THANK YOU sooo much for the awesome session yesterday! As much as I wanted to believe that something so simple could make such a profound change, the logical part of me just couldn't accept that something so simple could really do anything.

However, towards the end of it, I actually felt like I had come out of a deep yoga session - I was so relaxed, so comfortable with everything - it was a mindblowing experience! I feel light, like I'm floating on a cloud; I supposed that's because I finally released some deep seated feelings that I didn't even realize was affecting me :-)

Thank you soooo much once again. May your light spread to every soul in need of healing :-)))


THANK YOU for a most impressive session – wow – our first EFT session and it was amazing how quickly we identified the link connecting the key obstacles holding me back which have continuously showed up again and again the past 43 years. I would never have dreamed that they were all interconnected.  It makes the journey ahead seem so much more manageable.  I look forward to our next session to work further at clearing the patterns so that I can move forward with a more rewarding life.


Fear of public speaking:
Been meaning to phone you to let you know. Just recently had to do a presentation in front of a whole lot of strangers. And it went ok! Getting better all the time… Thanks so much! EFT definitely worked to release old pent-up emotions in a very painless and unthreatening way. Have recommended it to a friend.


More fear of public speaking:
… my presentation on Monday went very well. The learning and development manager for the company was in the audience and made a point of congratulating me and walking me to my car to find out about my work. Thanks again for the session you did with me. I am sure it made a big difference and I felt very comfortable whilst I was doing the talk.


Working with fears:

I would describe the value as incalculable – In my experience, some of the fears I had were of a paralyzing nature & I can’t describe the feeling of knowing that they are gone.

A massage therapist who took a QT workshop:
Hi Liesel! Wow, my business is really taking off! Having lots of success with QT!

After spending 2 hours with 2 wonderful ladies with a very serious disease, working with their symptoms, mostly with EFT:
Hi Liesel, just want to say thank you very much for all your time and trouble with us today. It was so interesting and great! You are a wonderful person to have met and spend time with.  Thank you for your caring. Looking forward to working together in future!


After an EFT Circle a client tried it on her doggie:
I quickly want to share something with you, and please believe what I tell you. My dear dog Lily has had so much pain recently. I don’t have the funds to take her to the vet. What I learnt at your EFT Workshop at Yvonne’s, I applied on her in my own way and Whalla… she is much calmer and does not groan so much. Thank you, Liesel, for what you have shared with me. I am overjoyed, my dog is feeling better and that’s a blessing for me.


Thank you so much for earlier. I honestly feel much better, really appreciate all your help.


I am really happy I met you and your therapy. I see the world with new glasses.


After some distant healing:
Hello, thanks for all the energy you sent to us, all now balanced and ok. QT really works.


Working on resentments and fears with EFT:
I have a bounce in my step...Thank you for everything!


Working on procrastination and overwhelm with EFT:
This afternoon’s session most definitely helped! Thank you very much! I have been able to accomplish so much in the past 3 hours. Amazing how this stuff works…


Thanks so much for the supportive email :). Yes I’m still on track and proud of myself for sticking to my goals…




Fear of flying, anxiety for starting a new life in a different country:
Thank you so much for your support and help, I cannot start to tell you how much it means to me! ….  Thank you again Liesel, I am so grateful I met you and have you to help me :-)




I cannot thank you enough, for doing the session for me, for knowing you and being introduced to EFT. This might sound cheesy but it really did change my life.


Fantastic to come across a new technique that is so portable, usable, easy to learn and effective


I felt very heard and I thought you were really intuitive in your responses.


Wow! The benefits are immeasurable - there have been so many to write in such a short space and this is after 2 sessions I have already recommended four of my FRIENDS to you!!!! 


...you are sympathetic, enthusiastic about your work – and  skilled!


From someone who had in intense fear of meetings:
Thank you for your help. He used the words ‘meeting at’ at least 6 times and I was OK! You are an angel!


After a mini-EFT Workshop:
You have no idea how much last night meant to me. Thank you once again for everything.


After an EFT Circle:
EFT has made such a change to my life - I used to hate being at work due to the cattiness here - now as soon as I get up I tell myself I am going to have a good day and nothing or no one is going to upset my day..


The course on EFT abundance has helped a lot as since then I have received unexpected income, received a new job opportunity with an increase in salary.


Thank you so much for the advice and all the caring!


For the Argus:


The Pick n Pay Cape Argus Cycle Tour is undeniably any local cyclists’ premier race and one, that on the day, you want to perform at your best.


Having previously come off 3 weeks of poor results in build-up races and tired legs, I needed to seek some serious morale boosting, positive reinforcement, professional advice.


I resorted to trying out an alternative, but proven form of consultation.


EFT, in conjunction with Quantum-Touch ® gave me the ‘tools’ to arrive at the start of the Cape Argus, mentally prepared, and with a clear focussed goal. It was just what I needed.


I am feeling great after our last session. Still very motivated and on track. I have also realized that I need to be more patient with work in terms of opportunities and I am using EFT when I start to feel impatient or “victimized”. I also truly feel much happier with myself – I am okay just as I am and I am affirming that to myself daily…..thank you so much for your heartfelt care.


Woke up at 4.48, got up at 5.30 and did my yoga etc.. Not 100% energetic but not as dead as usual! Thank you! You are a miracle worker!


“I'd just like to say a huge thanks to you both for the wonderful EFT workshop on Saturday (22nd)!  I arrived with an open mind and an eagerness to learn and I left with a feeling of excitement and um... "wow!"....

Even though (amazing how quickly that phrase becomes habit) I came to the workshop expecting to figure out money stuff, I left with an incredible insight into my real blockages and issues - and those realisations happened in just a few hours!  I tapped into (‘scuse the pun!) my deeply embedded fears, and have been tapping (no pun!) through them every day.

I think what made the most impression on me was the understanding that anything - ANYTHING can be fixed through tapping!  So even though (oh stop it!) I started tapping for abundance at the workshop, I am now clearing deep seated childhood issues - happily, excitedly, easily and eagerly - with EFT.  I still can't believe that it is so simple.  I think I need to tap that out a few more times - the belief that fixing yourself needs to be complicated and difficult!

So thanks again for the great workshop, and you'll probably see me at one of your EFT Level 1 workshops shortly.”


"If you want things to be different, perhaps the answer is to become different yourself-- Norman Vincent Peale

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