Effortless Goals with The Sedona Method

About a week after I started working with my personal goal of "completing and publishing the book" I’d been working on, through absolutely amazing synchronicities and miracles, I landed a publishing contract with an international publisher. My jaw dropped. I couldn’t believe my eyes when the contract was in my Inbox with NO STRUGGLE, no rejection slips – only ease and fun.

How could it happen so easily?

Lester Levinson (originator of The Sedona Method) used to say "Even the impossible becomes completely possible when we are "hootless" about our goals".

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Introduction to The Sedona Method

I discovered The Sedona Method in 2004 and have been working with it over the past 9 years. In December 2012 I felt inspired to explore it in-depth. I spent many hours with it and boy, did I realise the power of it – even though it seems so simple! In 2004 I was battling with depression and irritation over really trivial things. One of them was doing the dishes! For months, I experienced the most irrational irritation every time I looked at the dishes stacked in the sink. In a few "releases" as they're called, I released that irritation forever. It never bothered me again. I had a miscarriage during that year and used The Sedona Method extensively - and found peace around the whole experience.

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Help - I have a "No" Problem!

  • Have you, like me, felt nervous, sick with anxiety, stomach in a tight ball because of too much on your plate, deadlines looming and no possible way to meet all those commitments?
  • Have you, like me, committed to something and in the very moment of saying "Yes, with pleasure!" already regretted it? And later resented yourself and the person who asked you to help out?
  • Are you finding it really, really hard to ever let the word "no" pass your lips? Does it sound like a terribly selfish thing to say?
  • Do you sometimes wonder "Why on earth have I taken on another task when my plate is so full already?"
  • And does the thought of declining a request send your stomach into even deeper knots and twists?

I understand!

It's an all-too-familiar story for me. I've walked this very journey for many years, at great cost to myself.

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Quantum Touch Workshops 

Important Announcement:

Due to being very busy setting up The EFT Academy of Southern Africa in the past year, I'm taking a break from teaching Quantum-Touch in 2011. If you are interested in a Quantum-Touch workshop, please do still contact me. I can put you in touch with a friend who is teaching!

What Format do the Workshops take?

Two types of workshops are offered: Live and DVD Interactive. The DVD workshops require a smaller investment and can be requested with or without Certification.

The Live workshops require a bigger investment, and Certification is included.

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"You will either step forward into GROWTH, or you will step back into SAFETY" -- Abraham Maslow

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