Effortless Goals with The Sedona Method

About a week after I started working with my personal goal of "completing and publishing the book" I’d been working on, through absolutely amazing synchronicities and miracles, I landed a publishing contract with an international publisher. My jaw dropped. I couldn’t believe my eyes when the contract was in my Inbox with NO STRUGGLE, no rejection slips – only ease and fun.

How could it happen so easily?

Lester Levinson (originator of The Sedona Method) used to say "Even the impossible becomes completely possible when we are "hootless" about our goals".

What the heck is hootless?

It's that miraculous state that is so elusive for most of us - where we can feel "now I really don't care whether I get my goal or not. I'm happy anyway". It's the state all the spiritual masters urge us to have. The problem is, most of them don't give us any clues HOW to get there. It seems really hard to "let go" of something we really want.


If you want to read more about the Sedona Method right now, take a look at www.sedona.com and the background of how it started, is here: http://www.sedona.com/aboutthesedonamethod


Some Important Thoughts about Goals

Have you made New Years Resolutions and can feel yourself slipping? There is so much "stuff" tied up in our goals and dreams!

I have found the "hootless" state to be invaluable over and over, working with my own goals. The minute I release on them, and get completely “now I don’t care whether I have it or not”, it manifests!

The other side of the coin is – often we have a goal that we thought was right for us. In actual fact, it may be a goal that we think we should have or must have, not truly our own heart's desire. When we release with the goals processes, it helps us to get crystal clear about whether it’s really the right goal for us, or not. And through the processes we’ll use in this course, we may discover a different, deeper goal that makes more sense and lets us feel “free and light”.

Yet another fascinating piece I’ve discovered is that Goals are not always meant to come true. That may shock you! We want our goals to come true, otherwise why have them? Right? The great news is – goals are like laser beams that can help us discover where our limitations are. And with The Sedona Method and the Goals processes, it’s really simple to let go of those limitations. Therefore – these processes have an influence everywhere in our life, not just around our goal. Our limitations and blocks affect EVERY area of our life, not just our goals.

How would it be for you to discover what’s holding you back? And to learn a way that you can be free of those limits for every new goal that you wish to manifest?


“It was great to get to a place of approaching my goals with a feeling of freedom and no agony. Now I can go for my goals or not, but I don’t have any shoulds or lack attached to it.” Berdine

“This is such an awesome, simple way of being able to live a life that feels easy and joyful and yet may reflect amazing successes.” Alison






Effortless Goals Full Day Workshop

with The Sedona Method

With the Goals Course, we'll take a look at many of the beliefs, rules, underlying drivers, fears, fantasies that keep us stuck in "I want it AND I don't want it". Sometimes our goals are actually not ours and yet, we hang on to them for dear life without achieving them. Other times our goals ARE ours, and there're things that stop us from manifesting them. This is a really fun course that will give you the chance to explore SO MUCH of what's really underneath your goals!

What you will Gain:

  • Learn the basics of The Sedona Method (a really simple way to “let go” of unwanted emotions)
  • Learn how to get completely “hootless” on any goal you’d like to achieve
  • Learn at least 6 powerful processes to work with goals, each one more “freeing” than the last!
  • Release LOADS of the 4 underlying “wants” on this day (the core of The Sedona Method)

Why is this good?

    1. It’s those “wants” that keep us stuck in “lack” and “suffering
    2. AND are the inner, invisible drivers for our behaviour
  • Find a releasing buddy to continue these fun processes over the next 30 days
  • Learn how to find clarity on what is really, really important to you
  • Learn how to take this into the rest of your life, for any goal from now on
  • Get loads of practice working with The Sedona Method
  • Gracefully let go of some of the goals that are no longer appropriate for you, that may be dragging you down


“I’m not sure (in this moment) how I ever got so involved in my story. I look forward to experiencing how my goals will unravel from this place of hootlessness.” Megan

“I enjoyed pinpointing my real goals. I feel calmer about my attachment to my goals. I’m excited to use the material to release on many issues over the next period.” Sharon






Date: Thursday 5 December 2013, 9 am to 5 pm

R1,200 one-time payment (pay directly into my bank account)

If you'd like to attend and pay in 2 separate payments, use the Paypal button below!
Paypal will charge you 2 times $64 (just over R600)

Included Refreshments, Manual, Lunch
Bring Pen, notebook, 2 Goals to work with
Venue Rivonia or Randburg (TBA)














This will have an effect in the rest of your life, too...

As you “release” on your goals, you actually release ALL THE STUFF that has an effect elsewhere in your life, too. Goals are really just a “focus point” to help us find the stuff underneath. All our limitations, beliefs, rules, and baggage are directly linked in to the goals we set. When we work with our goals, and set ourselves free from those limitations, it will have an effect everywhere else in your life. It’s a profound and powerful process to let go of so much, all in one go.

This is how a book contract effortlessly "came to me" in January (and it’s already in Exclusive Books, 4 months later!). Within a week of starting to release on it, I had a contract in my Inbox from the very first publisher I talked with. In fact – the Publisher found ME on LinkedIn. I did not do any reaching, trying, efforting, frustrating, hard work. It was effortless and painless – the way it can be with everything.


Booking is essential - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you can't make the course date, feel free to let me know and I'll let you know of the next one. There are only 6 seats - book now to avoid disappointment!

Payment is either by EFT before the course, cash at the door, or through your Credit Card via Paypal.

I look forward to sharing this miraculous, simple tool with you!


"Too often we underestimate how quickly our feelings are going to change because we underestimate our ability to change them." -- David Gilbert

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